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Human Resource Master

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Human Resource Master This colossal course with 10-hours of training will turn you into a true human resource master in the disability sector. Reaching far beyond the essentials we started with, moving to a true master you won't be disappointed. Strengthen your workforce through disability sector specific training. Your clients and staff deserve the best and this can only happen through passionate human resource management, of course you will need some tools and resources, you'll get those too. This micro-credential is suitable for all levelled training streams. Your micro-credential will showcase the value you place on source of strength. Happy people lead to happy clients. Show your commitment to excellence in service delivery today! Perfect for new and seasoned human resource professionals and business owners. • Starting with the skills needed to be a great HR professional • Ethical decision making and critical thinking, applying these to analyse complex situations • Information management, monitoring data through to reporting and handling sensitive information • Interpersonal skills in action • Working through the staff journey from advertising and recruitment • Diversity in the workplace • Employee relations and disability sector must haves • Quality employment practices from advertising a role right through the entire employee journey • Risk management the human resource way • Psychosocial risks and responses • Burnout, vicarious trauma and responding after a traumatic event • Performance reviews, detecting and managing poor performance and rewarding excellence and outcomes • The art of matching staff with clients • Why workspace matters • Workplace conflict, how the resolve it and promote a healthy and open workplace • And so much more There is a quiz at the end of the module to confirm you have completed it with an 80% pass mark. If you are a member of the Australian Counselling Association this course attracts 6 OPD.

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