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Support Co-ordination Deep Dive

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If you are thinking about delivering support coordination services under the NDIS, or a seasoned professional, this module is for you. Combining your commitment to excellence is service delivery with knowledge that powers outcomes. This is a 6.5 hour self-paced module is sure to increase your confidence and pay dividends through results. What's covered? - The 3 levels of support coordination, the qualifications, experience, duties and expected outcomes for each level - Conflict of Interest - The support coordination best practices - Client intake, planning and monitoring - Budget essentials - Reporting to the NDIS - Assisting a client to get ready for a reassessment or a change of circumstance application - 4 practical demonstrations using resources to show the 'how to's' on a daily basis You will get a full copy of the presentation slides as well as free resources and loads of reference material, so you don't have to research them all or develop your own. There is a quiz at the end of the module to confirm you have completed it and to check your knowledge with an 80% pass mark. If you are a member of the Australian Counselling Association this course attracts 6 OPD. This module is suitable for all levelled training streams with the hours being credited to your next level. At the end of the module, you will receive a certificate, if you would like the micro-credential issued a simple email to alert us will trigger that to happen. ADAPTS training showcases your disability sector expertise at a glance.

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