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Personal Recovery For Everyone

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Personal recovery in mental health This micro-credential is a must for anyone working in the disability sector. Safeguarding the mental well-being of clients must be core to all service delivery. Explore - What is personal recovery - Using the CHIME framework, exploring personal recovery - How personal recovery should be integrated into daily disability service practices - Practical tips to assist any client with their personal recovery journey - Best practices and personal recovery language There is a quiz at the end of the module, this will confirm that you have completed the course, with an 80% pass rating. The course will take you an average of 1.5 hours to complete and is suitable for all streams in ADAPTS exclusive quality assurance levelled training program, only available to the top 10% of NDIS providers. We also provide supervision for individuals and groups which are also compliant for your ACA membership. If you are a member of the Australian Counselling Association this course attracts 6 OPD. You will find a huge range of resources to assist with your service delivery, business management, employee and client development. We hope you enjoy this module. If you have any questions, email

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