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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

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Thinking about delivering psychosocial recovery coaching services or a seasoned professional, this deep dive, will propel your knowledge to new heights. Delving into the psychosocial NDIS framework which needs to be used in conjunction with the Mental Health Peer Worker Framework and Mental Health Best and Evidence-Based Practices You will learn: • A rundown of the NDIS and way to deliver services / supports • What psychosocial recovery coaching is and who does what in mental health • Qualifications & experience needed • NDIS Psychosocial Recovery framework • The Peer Mental Health Work framework • The role of a psychosocial recovery coach, best practices and delivery essentials including having an evidence based framework and what that looks like • Psychosocial evidence, who and how it should be written for submission to the NDIS • Recommended professional development and supervision • Client Intake and Tracking, with practical examples and resources included • Reporting best practices and requirements • Using resources within your daily practices via a demonstration for collaborative decision making, client intake and tracking progress • Bonus support coordination overview, using updated terminology, options when a plan is ending and the basics of what a great submission to the NDIS would include There is a quiz at the end of the module to confirm you have completed the module and understand the concepts presented with an 80% pass mark. If you are a member of the Australian Counselling Association this micro-credential attracts 6 OPD. This module is suitable for the business owners / executive, support coordination and mental health levelled training streams with the hours being credited to your next level. At the end of the module, you will receive a certificate, if you would like the micro-credential issued a simple email to alert us will trigger that to happen. ADAPTS training showcases your disability sector expertise at a glance.

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