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Supported Decision Making

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Everyone supporting people with decision making has influence, how is it being used is the real issue. A key target of the Royal Commission's Final Report (Vol 6). A change of mind set is needed. "I will not resist, I will assist" This module will cover your obligations under the UNCRPD and best practices as well as gives you a framework to assist the process. It doesn't matter what area you work in or if you are a nominee or guardian (informal or formal), this course is essential to upholding the rights of all people who require assistance with decision making and ensuring you, know your responsibilities, how to document and reflect as well as compliance issues. This 2-hour course might just change the way you view decisions, understand others and also how you go about dealing with the preferences and decisions of those you care for or support. This is a win / win for everyone. Help yourself and others be the best they can be. We aim to keep you engaged whilst informing you, keeping you up to date and leave you with not only new knowledge but resources you can use within your organisation, and daily practices. There is a short quiz at the end of the module to confirm you have completed it with an 80% pass mark. If you are a member of the Australian Counselling Association this course attracts 3 OPD points. This module is suitable for all levelled training streams with a micro-credential to boot. Show your disability sector expertise at a glance.

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