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Resources to help you reach your maximum potential

Are you an NDIS services provider ready to excel in your role?


ADAPTS Quality Assured Training is designed to help you get there, providing you with the knowledge & skills required to provide exceptional service and stand out in the sector.

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Our training programme is here to revolutionise NDIS training. With 60 hours of quality-assured training your level of expertise and commitment to quality care will become instantly recognisable.

How does it work?

You have 6 specialty streams from business executives to mental health professionals to choose from to discover the perfect fit for you and the skills you want to develop.

You will then proceed to complete 4 levels from bronze to platinum each containing 15 hours of training. After each 15 hours of training you get to level up!

What's even better, you get to decide the speed at which you progress so you can work around your schedule as you see best.

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MHP Gold.png
SW Silver.png
BO Gold.png
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Exec Silver.png
SCP Gold.png

Watch our video for more detail

What is included in the package?


Valued at $3,349

Our self-paced modules allow you to go at your own pace and ensures that you receive the best possible learning experience.  Your enrolment does not expire so you can do your professional development at a time and pace that suits you.

Bronze to platinum, each 15 hours of unique training

4 levels of training that's 60 hours in total

Hours credit for any training done with ADAPTS in the last 12 months

Includes 1 assessment meeting to verify knowledge

New training added weekly

Can't decide which stream? You don't have to, each module let's you know which streams it applies to decide when you have experienced the difference. Each purchase equals one stream level. Purchase more now and finish in your own time!



Discover our VIP Library for more content

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$89/month unlimited

Get this exclusive package directed at our more advanced training professionals.

The VIP Library includes:​​


eBooks for many of our modules

Polices & Procedures

Work instructions

Staff & Client

Workbooks & Worksheets

Templates for reports and other functions

Checklists for compliance

Resources added regularly

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