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This is a highly valuable resource for any submission to the NDIS.  It is a downloadable fillable PDF that can be used again & again.  This is a workbook which creates an impact statement for Participants, Carers & Support Network Impact Statements.


Can make an enormous difference in funding outcomes.  Funding under the NDIS is individualised and based on evidence presented.  Get the evidence wrong, miss something, then the funding package will reflect this.  This resources allows you to easily put together an overview of the person with an impairments lives as well as those who support them. This makes sure that the Participant and their support network are actually seen as real people not just a number.


We have a range of products in this range depending on the level of service your clients require or you provide.  This is our general level product which is a great start.  If you want more comprehensive resources we also have a variety of different levels available (each building on the last to create a bigger and better picture as you go).  We've done it this way as everyone has different needs and time to spend on documents, or may simply not need such comprehensive documentation and we don't want you paying for things you don't need or use.


Please note that this purchase is for an individual only e.g. 1 purchase per support coordinator / psychosocial coach, participant or carer.  We track the use of our product files & the companies who use them.  Any sharing / potential misuse of this may result in us cancelling your access to the document and taking action.  No unauthorised (in writing by the CEO of ADAPTS) sharing, copying, reproducing in any format is strictly prohibited.  ADAPTS takes no responsibility and has no liability for any errors, omissions, funding outcomes or any other matters.  Each person using this resource is responsible for the accuracy / suitability and outcomes.

Carer / Participant Impact Statement Workbook General

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