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Disability Supports and Services (Australian) an essential resource in any Support Coordinators toolbox.


It will pay for itself in time saved using for just one client, across your database it's priceless.


This eBook is filled with knowledge about the various supports and services available in Australia.  As part of any NDIS submission it is key that clients are linking with other supports and services and totally relying on the NDIS.  To provide a holistic person-centred service you must have a working knowledge of all supports and services available so you can provide quality referrals, develop and expand on the support circles your clients can access.


This resource is about empowering you through knowledge of not only the NDIS but broader supports available to set you apart from other service providers.


You can purchase the eBook as a stand alone resource, is included in all VIP Library subscriptions.  It is the companion eBook to the micro-credential training module, if you haven't completed this module take a look and get the most out of this resource.


Knowledge really does power better outcomes, start your journey today.


If you haven't already join our exclusive top 10% club in our levelled training program, we have amazingly valued packages available.


Disability Supports & Services (Aust)

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