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Holiday Cheer / Fear eBook


Not everyone looks forward to the holiday season and that can be for many reasons.  Holiday cheer or fear helps to navigate what can be a difficult and stressful time for many.


Make the holiday season a good one, overcome anxiety, deal with difficult situations and assess your relationships.  Becoming comfortable with your own company and enjoying time alone.


If you like this free product, you will love the full eBook version for just $5.50.  This interactive PDF with fillable worksheets and videos to watch will not only help you and your clients get through the holiday season, but make it a time to improve mental health and create positive strategies.


Inside the full eBook you’ll find


  • The types of power plays that happen within relationships
  • Power phrases to take control of the conversation and manage difficult situations,
  • Strategies and making your own plan ahead of time to increase your confidence
  • Taking time off to increase productivity and how to make that work for you and your business
  • Planning time alone and enjoying it, the great benefits of being comfortable with your own company
  • Self-reflective practices on the causes of challenging relationships and why the holiday season might be difficult
  • Seeing the trees from the forest by analysing the origins of relationships, why you think and do things and strategies to keep you grounded
  • Assessing which relationships and situations are worth your time and effort
  • Aligning your values with your focus
  • Self-care and activity planners


The comprehensive eBook is jam packed and has something for everyone.


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Holiday Cheer / Fear

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