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Tasks cards for mental health recovery and general motivation.

Great for use in psychosocial coaching, counselling, life coaching, and any mental health or disability work.  Resources to keep in contact daily or for parents and friends to send to someone you care about.  Making support and practice delivery a breeze.

You can assist in mental health recovery by sending these cards (pictures) on a daily basis to clients, friends, or family members, you can text, email, print, laminate or use as social media posts - the applications are endless.  Save time and money whilst giving those living with mental health concerns supports, they haven't experienced before.  Mental health doesn't just happen in office hours or during an appointment or visit.  Show your support and increase engage with these simple and highly cost-effective resources.

In this set there are 31 cards (as jpg files), and pdf file with 6 cards per page you can print, laminate and use in lots of different ways, with instant access – THIS IS SET 1.  There are many sets available as well as general mental health card sets.  Our resources also include a wide variety of fillable PDF workbooks & worksheets as well as video training, you can use our resources again & again.

Mental Health Care Cards SET 1

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