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Mental Health First Aid eBook with fillable planners for in the now and beyond.


This eBook is filled with knowledge that will empower you to assist someone experiencing a mental health event with the strategies and tools needed in the moment and beyond.


A companion for our micro-credential Mental Health First Aid or a stand alone resource this is an essential for your strategy toolbox.  It is a valuable resource for anyone working in the disability sector, family, friends and carers. In addition to the comprehensive content we have added fillable planners you can use again and again for creating:

  • Safety plan
  • Emergency and medical summary
  • Doing plan
  • Helping plan
  • Forward thinking plan
  • About me summary
  • Care kit
  • Different way challenging thoughts and beliefs
  • Goal and making it work


If you haven't completed this module take a look


Knowledge really does power better outcomes, start your journey today.


This is a downloadable eBook, you can purchase individually or by using your VIP Library subscription, giving you unlimited downloads.


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Mental Health First Aid

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