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Sex and Disability

Be a part of the solution resolution.


Over 150 pages of information that will revolutionise your approach to holistic quality care.


🌈Gain deep insights into the unique needs and desires of individuals with disabilities.

💡 Enhance your ability to provide inclusive, respectful, and empowering support.

🧠 Equip yourself with the latest knowledge and tools to break down barriers.

🤝 Foster a culture of open communication, consent, and autonomy.

🌟 Elevate the quality of care and make a real difference in the lives of those you serve.


If the unthinkable happens knowing what to do and how to help


This resource is about empowering you to open up the issue of sexuality and make it an included part of providing holistic care.


You can purchase the eBook as a stand alone resource, is included in all VIP Library subscriptions.  It is the companion eBook to the micro-credential training module, if you haven't completed this module take a look and get the most out of this resource.


Knowledge really does power better outcomes, start your journey today.


If you haven't already join our exclusive top 10% club in our levelled training program, we have amazingly valued packages available.


Sex and Disability

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